How to Decorate Using a Trellis Screen

Maybe you’ve finished working on the inside of your home, decorating it to absolute perfection. Everything in it is just the vision of what you were hoping for. Your home is a reflection of you and of your personal tastes, so you feel like it is finally a perfect fit for you. It’s a fun experience making your home more fit for you, and the experience does not have to stop there. You can carry that same energy on into doing the backyard as well, making every aspect of your home suit you. Polish up the yard with plant life and decorative elements and make it a part of your home you get to enjoy more and more. It is easy enough to find beautiful plants to grow in your garden; just make sure the plants grow well in your climate. The real question is regarding decoration. What do you use to decorate your backyard? One design element you can consider getting for yourself is a trellis screen. It is beautiful, useful, and can be enjoyed in a couple of different ways. Here are some ways you might want to consider decorating your backyard using a trellis screen.

Leaning Against a Wall

A trellis screen makes extraordinary wall decor because of its shape and design. It is mostly flat and takes up very little space on its own which makes it a great option for yards with less space. You can use them to jazz up a simple, blank wall like the side of your home so that you have a little more visual intrigue there. Both the trellis and the plants growing up it add dimension and personality to the formerly blank wall. A trellis with wall mounting brackets is great for this and will make installation a breeze.

As a Set

By getting your trellises in a set of two or three, you give yourself some flexibility as to where exactly you would want to arrange them in your yard. You can set them up side by side in a very linear pattern or you can spread them throughout the yard. You may also want to play with symmetry and use a pair of art deco style wall trellises to adorn either side of your back yard door. There are no clear cut rules to this. You can place them where you like with any kinds of climbing plants you like to go with them. And even if you wanted to forego the plants altogether, these trellises still serve as art on their own for your backyard.

Stand Alone

For yards with a good amount of space, it is a fun idea to set up your trellis screen like a piece that stands on its own. For this method, in particular, you may want to look out for a trellis with a very beautiful design that grabs the eye easily. One example of a stand-out piece is a floral inspired trellis screen, very appropriately designed to support flowers growing around it. Decorative elements like this make a great focal point for the yard, so you can get away with the “less is more approach” a bit more easily as long as the trellis is visually impressive on its own.

Keep in mind that these are only general ideas of what you can do with a trellis screen. You are of course free to get creative and style your home and garden any way you like, so look around and get inspired. Remember this is your yard and your home and if you like the way it all comes together, that is all that matters. Whenever you decide to make that leap into buying a trellis screen or two, you will probably want to look at H Potter to see what they have in store for you.

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