8 Benefits of Attending Group Yoga Classes

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, knowing the benefits of practicing yoga is key to optimal performance and enjoyment of yoga. Because, let’s be honest here, who wants to indulge in exercises (especially in group classes) without fully understanding the advantages and what to expect?

That’s what we aim to accomplish here today: provide you with a better understanding of the benefits you can anticipate when you attend yoga classes. So, whether you are looking to try out yoga classes in Philadelphia or Bali, here are just eight advantages you can reap from doing so!

1. Be a Part of a Like-Minded Community
Who doesn’t love to surround themselves with like-minded people? By throwing yourself into a yoga class, you can be instantly among people with whom you have one major thing in common: yoga. In doing so, you are amongst instant friends and can be a part of a like-minded community– and the accountability is a great advantage, too!

2. Improve Flexibility
Yoga, as you likely already know, involves a lot of stretching (some even view it as contorting!). Because of all the stretching, you can drastically improve your overall flexibility, one of the most important parts of peak physical fitness!

3. Improve Balance
While “balance” often has people’s minds immediately jumping to gymnasts on a balance beam, balance plays a key role in all of our lives, including those who aren’t gymnasts! Having great balance decreases our likelihood of injury, keeps us balanced even during more strenuous activities (even climbing stairs!), and makes physical activity in general far easier.

4. Tone Your Muscles and Strengthen Them
During a yoga class, you are required to hold certain postures and positions– and, trust us, most of them are not easy to maintain! In doing so, and with practice, you can both tone and strengthen your muscles!

5. Decrease Your Chances of Injury
Because you are simultaneously strengthening your muscles and improving both your flexibility and balance, your body will be far less prone to injury! This is because, with these key improvements, you are protecting your body from sports-induced injury and even unforeseen mishaps (like falling on the stairs!).

6. Attain Mental Clarity and Overall Better Mental Health
While it is true that yoga can improve your physical health, it also vastly improves your mental health! It provides you with a place to truly relieve your stress, achieve mental clarity, and even practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of essentially “living in the now” and being aware of your emotions and actions as they come. This practice can improve your life in countless ways, including your mental health.

7. Improve Your Stress-Relieving Tactics
For a lot of us, stress can take a toll on us and we may not even realize it. We may “deal” with our stress in less-than-ideal ways that actually harm us more than they help us. However, with yoga class, you are relieving stress in a healthy way.

Not only that, but you can take the stress-relieving tactics you learn in yoga and apply them off the mat, too! Breathing exercises, meditation and more can be picked up and used in your day-to-day life, helping you healthily manage and relieve stress.

8.Balance Your Metabolism (and Increase Likelihood of Weight Loss)
Yoga is a great at naturally balancing your metabolism as well! Because of this, if you have the goal of losing weight, yoga might just be your new favorite exercise program!

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