Why an MCA Kai’li Red Is a Great TaylorMade Shaft for Stealth 2 Plus Drivers and Slower Swing Speeds

There are two key components to every driver outfit: the club head and the shaft. Outfitting a club with a shaft that’s not well paired to it – or to your abilities – is a recipe for poor performance.

TaylorMade graciously recommends two shafts (specifically) for its Stealth 2 Plus drivers: the Project X HZRDUS Black and the Mitsubishi Kai’li Red.

The HZRDUS Black is a great shaft for players with fast, aggressive swing speeds and tempos. The Kai’li red is (all things considered) better for players with slower swing speeds.

Here’s what to know before choosing this as your TaylorMade shaft.

What the Stealth 2 Plus Driver Offers
TaylorMade’s Stealth 2 Plus driver is made with a 60X Carbon Twist face which maintains ball speed while improving forgiveness, even on off-center shots.

TaylorMade’s use of carbon fiber in the driver head (in lieu of titanium) lightens and stabilizes the club head, and the inclusion of a 15g sliding weight and FCT Loft Sleeve enables players to custom-tune shot shape to performance.

Given that level of forgiveness and adjustability, it makes sense why the company might suggest a HZRDUS Black as a good TaylorMade shaft, especially for players with less than ludicrously fast swing speeds – but what about the Kai’li Red?

Why the Kai’li Red Is a Great TaylorMade Shaft
Mitsubishi’s Kai’li Red shafts are specially manufactured with MR70, producing extremely low torque ratings but preserving high-launch, mid-spin characteristics.

This combination is ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds that rely on launch and spin to add distance to their shots. However, the low torque ratings help to prevent the club face from opening too much if the club is swung too hard – controlling shot dispersion.

Moreover, the inherent design of TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus drivers is a boon here. The extra-forgiving 60X Carbon Twist face also helps boost ball speed while preserving forgiveness, minimizing shot dispersion.

Super-smooth and stable, the Mitsubishi Kai’li Red enables golfers to generate those longer, more accurate drives, without the need to swing harder or sacrifice their form.

Also, the Kai’li Red, while optimal for players with more metered, tempered swing speeds and tempos, is available in 6 stiffness ratings, through extra-stiff and tour-spec extra-stiff. Thanks to its low torque rating, while it is ideal for players with slower swing speeds, it can still handle stronger golfers.

In fact, even though the regular flex Kai’li Red is optimal for players with swing speeds in the 80-90 MPH range, the higher X and TX-rated Kai’li Reds can still accommodate players with swing speeds over 100 MPH.

So with the Kai’li Red as a TayorMade shaft for your Stealth 2 Plus driver, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Where You Can Learn More?
Do you have questions about what TaylorMade shafts to pair with a Stealth 2 Plus? Want to make sure a Kai’li Red is right for you before you buy?

Consult the professional club fitters over at Dallas Golf Company. They’ll let you know if a Kai’li Red is right for you – and if not, they’ll make a personalized alternative suggestion.

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