These Are (Some of) The Most Important 1911 Parts and Accessories

Are you feeling like your old stock 1911 needs an upgrade? If so, here are some of the most popular categories of 1911 parts and accessories. There’s a lot you can do with them.

1. New Barrels: A barrel is more of a necessity than an upgrade, unless you’ve put so many rounds of .45 ACP downrange that the barrel has started to feel the heat. Over time, the rifling will wear down and accuracy will suffer. This could only be by a few minutes of angle, but if you notice it on the paper, it might be time to introduce your beloved 1911 to a new barrel. If the accuracy is suffering, then you can call it an upgrade.

2. New Sights: Many 1911s come with plain iron sights. Some used models might even have deformed, distorted or missing sights. Shooting a 1911 without functioning sights is like shooting a smoothbore with a bead: half-accurate at best.

Then again, some might like the idea of an upgrade to low-light or hi-visibility night sights. There are some really cool options out there for enterprising 1911 aficionados, so see what kind of upgrade you can pull off with some new 1911 sights.

3. New Grips: Grips don’t add as much function to a handgun platform as the sights or barrel, especially since in the case of a 1911 the grips are just two tiny slabs that attach onto either side of the frame. However, there are some beautiful grips out there made from exotic woods, ivory, bone and even synthetic materials that will give your gun a brand new personality.

4. New Hammers: A new hammer might seem like a cosmetic change, but it actually might offer some improved functionality as well. Sure, a brand new skeletonized or blued hammer will look really cool, but lower profile hammers are less likely to snag on holsters or clothing as they’re being drawn. Keeping everything as low and slim and out of the way as possible is really a good thing. Also, if any of your springs are failing, that would be a good time to replace them as well and to take a look at the firing pin while you’re at it.

5. New Spring: The insides of most firearms are littered with springs. One of the most obvious of these is the spring that returns the slide and helps the action to reset. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to replace, and can help your pistol cycle more quickly and more smoothly. It’s an invisible upgrade, but you will not be able to help noticing the difference it makes.

Why stop there? If you have envisioned a modification for your M1911, then make it happen. It’s not like it’s a rare platform and no one has one. It’s the exact opposite. It might even be the most popular handgun ever made. There are enough Americans with one to make a run for that title.

Anyway, there are plenty of 1911 parts and accessories out there to make that mod you’ve dreamt of a reality. All you need to do is get the parts and commit to the project.

Oddly enough, getting the parts is the easiest portion of the project. Just call up a customer service representative at Sarco, Inc., and let him know what you’re hoping to get done. More than likely, he’ll direct you to their website,, where you’ll find more bits and pieces for 1911s and variants than you could have imagined. From springs to trigger assemblies to frames and barrels and even extractors and ejectors, they have it all.

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