Some Interesting Advantages Of Goat Skin You Must Know

Goat leather is one of the premium options for a variety of applications in the leather goods manufacturing industry. There are several ways in which goat leather distinguishes itself from the variety of other options in front of us and here we discover the merits of goat skin sourced from goat skin leather exporters in India that make it an invaluable material choice for a few leather products.

Goat leather characteristics
Extremely versatile leather, goat leather is made from tanned goat hide. Naturally, goat skin is strong and soft. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for boots, gloves, bags, rugs and other products that need flexibility as the topmost quality. If you want highest quality leather of goat, you must choose full grain leather. This is a unique material when compared to the mass produced leathers that are usually sanded down and printed to achieve more uniform looks.

Goat skin compared with other leathers
Goat skin is lighter in weight when compared with other kinds of leathers. However, its strength is unparalleled. The tensile strength of goat skin can be compared with that of cow hide. However, goat skin is more breathable and softer.

While we can certainly admire sheep leather as the softest option we can find among the different varieties of leathers, goat skin weighs more in terms of its stronger and thicker format. Also, when compared with lamb skin which is also flexible like goat leather, goat skin is stronger and thicker too.

Goat skin durability
Among the several durable leather options, goat leather is perhaps the most desired one for its additional advantages. When cared well, goat leather can last for several long years. In fact, you will be surprised to know that some of the oldest artifacts we still have today are made from goat leather. One classic example is a thousand year old bible. Since goats are hardy mammals that are featured to survive in some dramatic climates around the globe, we find their skin tough and hard that is resistant to wear and tear.

Goat skin also has natural waterproof qualities. However, if not protected well, water can damage it and make the material to become stiffer. However, goat skin has a considerable degree of water resistance and hence you need not fret about getting it wet at times.

Softness of goat leather
Known for its unmatched flexibility, goat skin is extremely soft and supple too. This is because of the natural oils found in the goat skin. Goat skin is light weight in nature. It is also complemented with lasting strength that makes it a perfect option for a range of accessories like home decors and bags.

Feel of the goat skin leather
When you choose an authentic goat skin variety, it will naturally have a striking grainy texture and will have distinctive type of ridges that resemble pebbles. This is because of the goat’s coarse coat of hair that leaves a visible marking on the goat skin. Goat skin has completely unique looks and when compared with any other kind of leather, goat leather is a beautiful choice.

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