Shopping Kids’ Combat Boots by Condition and Intended Use

No two pairs of kids’ combat boots are alike, and therefore no single pair will perform admirably well in all weather conditions.

The pair you outfit your kid with should depend on when and where the kid is using them. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Kids’ Combat Boots: Jungle Boots

One broad category of kids’ combat boots are jungle boots. These boots perform best in hot conditions, both wet and dry, as a matter of fact.

Most jungle boots are made with vulcanized rubber lug soles, with a shank (usually steel) that provides rigidity, support, and rebound. They provide good support and traction in all conditions but are optimized for earth, not blacktop.

They’re also made with vented uppers. Typically, jungle boots have canvas or nylon panels on the shaft of the boot, which allow for moisture that’s been absorbed to be wicked away easily. As a result, jungle boots are quick-drying in hot, wet conditions (such as those you’d encounter in the jungle, hence the name). They also provide good breathability and ventilation in hot, dry conditions.

They’re also usually crafted with aluminum hardware that is corrosion resistant, further improving their utility in wet environments.

This makes jungle boots good outdoor wear in the summer months. However, as they are usually not waterproof, and worst of all, have no insulation, they are not good as winter footwear.

Patrol/Duty Boots

Patrol or duty boots usually have black leather (or synthetic uppers) and cup soles with a less aggressive tread than jungle boots. Sometimes they have an even less aggressive wedge sole.

While they perform well and offer good traction on all surfaces, they are optimized for use on finished surfaces; either indoors, or on blacktop or pavement. This makes patrol or duty boots preferable for use in developed, urban environments.

Otherwise, patrol and duty boots may be either lightweight or waterproof and insulated, so with respect to that, they can be practical at any time of year.

For Winter Wear: Go Insulated and Waterproof

One important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new pair of kids’ combat boots is what time of year they will be worn.

If your kid will be outside in the winter – either playing airsoft, camping, hiking, or something like that, then getting an insulated pair of waterproof boots is a must.

Many combat boots are designed for hot conditions. As a result, sometimes logger boots or hunting boots are better in the winter months as these are (typically) waterproof and well-insulated. Most of them also have aggressive lug soles that perform better in undeveloped conditions.

Another note, though this doesn’t have to do with the boots themselves. If your kid will be outside in cold conditions, set him or her up with two pairs of boot socks; one a liner sock, the outer sock a thick wool sock to add insulation.

The liner sock will wick away sweat; as for wool, it outperforms cotton in every way. Wool socks can even get wet and will still retain the majority of their insulative properties; cotton will not. Keep that in mind if you buy your kid a pair of new winter boots – keeping warm is not all about the boots!

Get a New Pair of Kids’ Combat Boots for Your Kid

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