[Pretty Much] Everything You Wanted to Know About Unicycle Seatpost Clamps

Just getting into the world of unicycles? Wondering if there’s anything you can do to make your ride more comfortable?

There’s a lot you can do just by adjusting the seat post clamp. Here’s basically all you need to know.

What Is the Purpose of a Unicycle Seatpost Clamp?
The seatpost clamp is a part through which the seatpost tube passes into the frame. By loosening the seatpost clamp, you can raise or lower the height of the saddle. Re-tightening the seatpost enables you to set a new saddle height.

What Are the Main Sizes of Unicycle Seatpost Clamps? What Size Seatpost Clamp Do I Need?
There are several different sizes of unicycle seatpost clamps. The size you will need depends on the style and size of your seat post tube.

The three most common sizes in unicycle seatpost clamps are 25.4mm, 28.6mm, and 31.8mm clamps, but there are others.

For steel frames with a 22.2mm seatpost, you will need a 25.4mm clamp, and for steel frames with a 25.4mm seatpost, you will need a 28.6mm seatpost clamp.

Aluminum frames are a little different because they can vary. If you have an Eclipse or Equinox model, it’s probably going to take a seatpost clamp that’s either 30.5mm, 31.8mm, or 34.9mm.

Many Kris Holm and Impact unicycles are made with aluminum frames with 27.2mm seatposts. These accept 31.8mm clamps.

What’s the Difference Between How These Clamps Work?
Pretty much all unicycle seatpost clamps tighten/loosen via one of two interfaces: either a bolted configuration or a quick-release/adjust (clamp) configuration.

Bolted seatpost clamps have either one or two bolts that tighten the clamp around the seatpost tube. If your unicycle has a bolt-configuration clamp, consider carrying a multi-tool with a driver bit/key capable of adjusting the bolts so you can adjust the saddle height in the field.

Quick-release clamps have either one or two lever arms that can be opened (loosening the clamp) or closed (tightening it). These require no tools to adjust in the field and are quicker and easier to use.

Can I Use a Bike Seatpost Clamp?
Sure, you can use a bike seatpost clamp, provided it’s the proper size and is otherwise compatible with your unicycle frame.

If so, the operation is still effectively the same.

I Can’t Lower My Seat Enough Adjusting the Clamp – Is There Anything Else I Can Do?
There is only so much you can do with a seatpost clamp if your seatpost is too long to lower your saddle height to a comfortable position.

But, you can bypass the clamp and cut the seatpost tube down if necessary. There are two ways to do it – with a hacksaw or a pipe cutter.

Check the previous link for a full breakdown.

Where Can I Get Unicycle Parts and Tools?
Looking for a new unicycle seatpost clamp, saddle, seat tube, tools, or just a tutorial on how to make installations or adjustments?

Visit Unicycle.com via the previous link and check out what they offer. If it’s related to one-wheelers, they carry it!

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