FAQs on Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelets

Tiger’s eye is a class of chalcedony that contains striped, shining bands of gold, red, rust, or brown. These minerals are called “chatoyant,” because when viewed from a certain angle, they reflect the light, like a cat’s eye – hence the name.

But tiger’s eye jewelry is not only worn for its aesthetic appeal, however great that is. Some believe that there are a variety of spiritual and emotional benefits associated with tiger’s eye jewelry.

So before you get that tiger’s eye beaded bracelet that has caught your attention, here’s what you need to know.

Are There Any Emotional, Physical, or Spiritual Benefits to Wearing a Tiger’s Eye-Beaded Bracelet?
Many people believe there are numerous benefits to wearing tiger’s eye jewelry, not just spiritual and emotional, but physical benefits as well.

Some believe tiger’s eye jewelry possesses healing properties, and that tiger’s eye is connected with both the root and sacral chakras. It may be able to clear emotional obstructions and enable the wearer to balance physical and emotional well-being while channeling inner strength.

Because tiger’s eye is believed to channel inner strength, some believe it is effective for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Moreover, some believe that tiger’s eye can balance the endocrine system and provide energy, motivation, and encouragement.

Like many healing stones, some also believe that tiger’s eye is effective at clearing negative energies and strengthening confidence and self-assurance. Some wear it simply for protection against and guidance in the face of negative forces.

A unique attribute of tiger’s eye jewelry is that it is believed to attract material wealth as well. Some wear it because it can provide a clear sense of self-worth and confidence and balance the emotionally complex ties that sometimes form between an individual and his or her finances or money.

Tiger’s eye jewelry can also ground a wearer and serve as an amplifier, which means that those who wear it might find it easier to tap into their psychic and communicative abilities. Achieving a solid foundation and clearing the chakras can make it easier for some people to explore deeper, more fundamental levels of spiritual consciousness and connection.

Beyond these relatively contemporary assessments of the powers of tiger’s eye gems, these stones were also traditionally carried as amulets that were believed to awaken inner courage and protect the wearer against harmful external influences.

Can Tiger’s Eye Be Charged?
Believe it or not, much like all earth stones, you can “charge” tiger’s eye to bring it back to its “center.” There are a number of ways you can do this.

Simply leaving your tiger’s eye-beaded bracelet outdoors can allow it to reabsorb and realign with earthly energies. Some users also bury their tiger’s eye jewelry for a short time to bring it back to its earthly center.

You can also “charge” your tiger’s eye beaded bracelet by soaking it in sunlight or moonlight or introducing it to the presence of other stones such as selenite or quartz.

Should Tiger’s Eye Be Cleansed?
Just like charging, cleansing a natural earth stone is a potentially great way to realign its energies, purify it, and re-empower it.

There are numerous ways you can cleanse a piece of tiger’s eye. One is to run it under water for a few minutes. Some others suggest allowing it to soak in a solution of saltwater for up to a day. Tiger’s eye can also be cleansed in moonlight or through smudging.

Where Can You Get a High-Quality Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet?
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