Essential Gun Parts to Keep Everything Operable

Whatever your favorite platform is, know that it’s made up of a lot of different parts. Autoloaders are notorious for being loaded to the gills with a myriad of minute screws and springs, but even the simplest repeaters could say the same. If you don’t believe it, just get out the owners’ manual for one of your pump or bolt guns and look at the provided exploded view. Things get intense quickly.

Even the simplest muzzleloaders have a lot of fine working internals that can break or get lost, or even wear down for that matter. To keep everything in working order, you need to have access to a full supply of gun parts, including but not limited to the following:

– Firing pins – If a firing pin breaks, congratulations, you are now the owner of a replica!

– Barrels – Rifling wears out after every so many thousands of rounds, and the whole barrel will need to be replaced.

– Springs – There are springs galore in all firearms, retainer springs, follower springs, mainsprings, you name it.

– Extractors and ejectors – Without extractors or ejectors, your otherwise very capable platform will suddenly become a single shot model.

– Sundry assembly screws – Not all screws are necessarily mission critical, but all screws serve a purpose. Lose enough of them and the parts on your firearm will fail to communicate as they should.

– Stocks, grips and forends – Who fires a naked gun? No one, that’s who. Without a stock, well, you’ll just be working with lock and barrel, and that recoil is not fun.

– Sights – Sights and optics are not critical to the operation of a firearm, but without them, good luck connecting with a target, or getting sighted in for that matter.

– Sears, triggers and springs – There are many moving parts inside of a trigger assembly, or around it, like the sear that detains the mainspring and the trigger itself. All of these can fail.

– Bolt assemblies – The bolt looks like one piece of steel, but most bolts have a lot of little parts inside them, and guess what, they’re all necessary.

– Followers – A magazine without a working follower is just a piece of plastic or steel that looks good. Actually, they don’t even really look all that good.

Now, keep in mind that not all guns will need all of the above accessories, and many models will not even have corresponding parts. The simple point is that there are so many working parts in a firearm that in order to keep everything working properly, you need the right gun parts on hand.

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