Differences Between Boundary Survey & Topographic Survey

Property surveys are essential when selling or buying a property, as any real estate transaction requires information about a property that the survey provides. There are various types of surveys that provide different types of information about the characteristics of a property.

Boundary surveys and topographic surveys are some of the most common types of surveys, mandatory when developing or transferring the ownership of a property. In this article, we’ll compare both these survey methods and map out the differences between them.

Boundary Survey
As suggested by the name, a boundary survey helps determine the boundary of a property, including the corners. These surveys are done by professionals, called surveyors, to generate a sketch of the property. This sketch includes the dimensions of the property, and the lot size determined by the measurements from the survey. This report is then used by the owners for undertaking any improvements on the property, or in the process of selling it.

While there are many instances where a boundary survey can be helpful, it often helps settle boundary disputes with the neighbors. Where each party sharing the boundary claims to have ownership over it because there is no proof suggesting an accurate divide.

A boundary survey can act as a basis for resolving these disputes, as it clearly represents the area included in a specific property. Additionally, this survey can also be used when selling the property as it helps the buyer understand the exact location, and the area of the property they’re about to invest in.

A boundary survey can also be helpful in granting and understanding any easements on a piece of property you own.

This survey is incredibly important when undertaking a developmental project, as it helps you understand your boundaries and you can ensure to not intrude on your neighbors land, creating problems for the future. Once the survey is done, building a fence accordingly can help you assess the extent to which your property extends.

Topographic Survey
A topographical survey gives information about the natural and artificial characteristics of a property. These include rivers, trees, fences, and any other structure that surrounds and is included in the property. The survey provides accurate information about the dimensions of these improvements, helpful in keeping a record of any changes.

A topographical survey takes into account the elevations and horizontal measures of an area, by making the use of GPS or EDM equipment, and arriving at accurate results. In comparison, a topographical survey gives you more advanced information about a property, not limited to border lines.

While a topographic survey can help you account for any existing structures, you can also work with the surveyors to plan a home or any other construction project. Additionally, a topographic survey can also help you assess the causes of any problems on your property, such as compromised drainage systems due to changes in the characteristics of the land.

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