Buy Carbide Drills for The Right Jobs

Precision hole drilling is a more difficult task than one might think when machining. A variety of cutting tools may be required to accurately create a simple hole, including spot drilling, piloting, axial drilling, milling, and chamfering. It is critical to have the proper tools for the job in order to produce precise results. It’s important to buy carbide drill bits that are the correct length and made of solid carbide can make drilling your workpieces easier.

Steel alloys are not the best material for drill bits and other high-speed cutting tools. Metal tools will naturally oscillate and chatter at high speeds. This can even cause the drill to miss the target, destroying your workpiece. Carbide tools have greater stability, making them ideal for high-speed machining.

While carbide tools appear to be made of metal, they are actually a combination of metal and ceramic. The most common “carbide” used in carbide tools is tungsten carbide. This substance is made up of equal parts carbon and tungsten. Tool carbide is a gray powdered ceramic in its natural state. When cemented together with cobalt metal as a binder, cermet (ceramic metal) material, colloquially known as carbide, is formed.

This cermet material has a number of advantages over its constituent parts. To avoid brittleness, they have the rigidity of ceramic carbide and the strength of metal. Because of the ceramic content, carbide tools have excellent edge retention and are ideal for cutting harder materials such as steel. The main advantage of carbide for milling drill bits is its stability. Because these bits are less likely to oscillate at high RPMs, they can drill accurately without putting you off track.

Carbide drills such as jobber drills, stub drills, spot drills, and drill mills are all important to have on hand. Each of these tools serves a specific purpose and is an absolute necessity for machinists.

Jobber drill bits have a length that most users are familiar with because they are commonly used in applications other than millwork.

Stub Drills are extremely short bits used to drill small holes or work with thin materials. They are a perfect option for drilling small, accurate holes.

Spot Drills are used to mark the point where you will be drilling with a small dimple to prevent your bits from walking off the mark and ruining your workpiece.

Another interesting tool to have on hand is the drill mill. Drill mills are a hybrid of a drill bit and an end mill, with a flute profile similar to an end mill but with the pointed tip of a drill bit. These tools can perform a variety of functions that would normally necessitate tool changes between end mills and drill bits.

If you are looking to buy carbide drills, Online Carbide has all of these options. Their team can also assist your company in creating custom drill bits and end mills from high-quality carbide stock. If your cutting tools are starting to wear down or you need to expand your collection of end mills and bits, Online Carbide’s incredible pricing on all of their tools can save you a lot of money.

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