At the Intersection of MilSim and Airsoft Wholesale Providers

In general, airsoft events are a lot of fun, a great way to meet people interested in the sport, and to get outside, show off exciting new gear, and learn new skills.

There is a specific airsoft discipline that’s been growing in popularity and it’s called MilSim – but what does it mean, why is it popular, and most importantly, should you try it?

What Is MilSim and Why Is It Popular?
MilSim is short for military simulation. Military simulation, as the name might suggest, is intended to replicate, as closely as possible, the experience of a live military engagement.

The organizers of the events often very carefully prescribe the sorts of airsoft guns, gear and uniforms that participants can use. Oftentimes, the courses are very carefully arranged to create greater challenges for the participants.

Players often use airsoft guns that are capable of firing “tracer” rounds that glow much like incendiary rounds, and play with airsoft rifles that simulate recoil, and much more.

For historical sorts of military simulation reenactments, oftentimes the organizer will create two sets of teams (or more) that are tasked with recreating the likeness of the division they are reenacting, with realistic airsoft guns, uniforms and field gear.

For others, MilSim is a unique, creative way to challenge their tactical and critical thinking skills as well as their problem solving abilities. Some might also engage in military simulation for the purposes of training.

Are There Any Reasons to Try MilSim?
There are numerous potential good reasons to try out military simulation for size and see if it’s a fit for you.

● Challenge your strategic acumen by limiting use to certain gear.
Military simulation matches very closely limit what you can use in a MilSim event, from the airsoft gun itself, to the uniform you can wear, to the field gear you can carry. It’s also possible that one team will start out with a decided disadvantage at the start of the match. These are the sorts of challenges that MilSim players have to overcome.

● Meeting other people interested in airsoft and history.
Milsim players are sometimes just regular airsoft players, other times they are reenactors that have a deep passion for history. Other times, they might be law enforcement officers or paramilitary personnel that are training.

In any case, they typically share an interest in airsoft and military tactics.

● Learn new outdoor and survival skills.
Milsim matches can take place outdoors, in very unforgiving conditions, for several days at a time. You might be tasked with pitching camp in unfriendly conditions, under the threat of engagement with a hostile force, in the elements.

That takes discipline, dedication, and a fair deal of outdoors experience.

● Getting to use certain types of airsoft guns and gear that might be out of place at other events.
MilSim also sometimes gives players the ability to play with historical replica airsoft guns and gear that simply would be out of place in other airsoft matches. Got an M1 Garand airsoft gun? That’s the sort of thing you can use in a historical reenactment or MilSim match.

How an Airsoft Wholesale Provider Can Help Prepare a Team
If you’re preparing to outfit an airsoft team for an upcoming MilSim engagement, an airsoft wholesale provider, or a seller of bulk airsoft goods that offers discounts, may be able to help you coordinate planning and save a few dollars doing so.

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