6 Cool Sig Sauer P365 Accessories

Everyone loves the accuracy, usability, and practicality of the Sig P365. It’s one of the more popular handgun platforms in the industry.

And, it’s just fine from the factory. Then again, these Sig Sauer P365 accessories don’t hurt, either.

Color-Customized Slide Plates
Looking for a cost-effective and easy customization you can make to your Sig P365 that doesn’t require any modifications to the gun?

Get a colored Sig P365 slide plate. Replacing one is easy. Simply drop the mag, clear the gun, remove the slide, take out the old slide plate and drop the new one in.

It’s one of the easiest ways to add a pop of personality or color to your P365.

Pinky Rests
One thing you can say about the P365: it’s small. Its tiny grip is tough to wrangle, especially for those with larger hands.

Either you need to crowd all your fingers up on the grip or be content with your pinky hanging off.

But not with a custom-made pinky rest, such as one of those available online at Anarchy Outdoors (link below).

These install easily, are made of durable aluminum, don’t interfere with your carrying potential, and help improve your grip, aim, and accuracy.

Plus, they’re made in America and are available in black, red, gold, blue, and purple.

Gold-Tone Barrels
You can also add color and boost performance with a titanium nitrided 9mm barrel for your P365.

These exhibit excellent permanent dry lubricity, exceptional resistance to corrosion, and are very hard, durable, and wear-resistant.

If that’s not enough reason, they look pretty cool (titanium nitride offers a unique gold-tone appearance) and feature loaded chamber indicators, too.

Grip Module Assemblies
Not a fan of your P365’s stock grip module? Upgrade it with a large or extra-large grip module assembly and improve ergonomics, handling, performance, and even recoil mitigation.

They’re affordable, available in both gray and coyote brown, and compatible with all P365 and P365XL grip modules that don’t have manual safeties.

Bullseye Kydex Holsters (OWB and IWB)
What list of Sig P365 accessories would be complete without Kydex holsters?

Bullseye makes Kydex holsters for Sig P365 handguns, with models for practitioners of both inside and outside waistband carry.

They are lightweight and perfectly balanced, and some are even configurable for carrying at the right, left, front, or back.

And, if you’re not familiar with Kydex, give it a chance. It’s maintenance-free, extremely strong, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and moisture, and offers excellent primary retention of the firearm.

Plus, Bullseye makes a bunch of unique patterns/color options that you can choose from.

Where Can You Get These Sig Sauer P365 Accessories?
Looking for Sig Sauer P365 accessories like these to upgrade your concealed-carry handgun?

Check out Anarchy Outdoors via the previous link. They carry all of the Sig Sauer P365 pistol accessories mentioned here and a wide range of high-quality aftermarket parts and accessories for popular handguns, including Glock, S&W, HK, Ruger, Taurus, and CZ models.

Visit their website for more information or get in touch with them at 833-980-0333.

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