4 Practical Glock 19 Upgrades

The Glock 19 is only 7.36” long, 5.04” high (with the mag), and 1.26” wide. With a loaded mag, it’s less than 31oz.

It comes with a 15-round mag (9mm) but it is compatible with 17 and 19-round mags as well as extended magazines up to 33 rounds of capacity.

And, like all Glock handguns, it is ergonomic, reliable, lightweight, and comfortable to shoot.

It is no surprise the G19 is one of the most popular compact handguns in the country.

But that doesn’t stop proud owners from making meaningful Glock 19 upgrades like these.

1. Throw on a compensator
The low weight and power of the G19 are two beneficial attributes – up to a point. Smaller framed shooters might not appreciate the recoil and muzzle flip.

Those shooters would do well to install a Sylvan Arms Glock compensator on their G19, which will substantially slash felt recoil and muzzle jump without adversely affecting shot power.

2. Charging handle
A charging handle on a pistol seems like a superfluous shooting accessory or upgrade, until you’re trying to rack the slide in the dark, with sweaty hands, or when the pressure’s on.

A Glock charging handle upgrade is easy to install, practical and will provide a much more ergonomic charge. Plus, it won’t damage your weapon and has no protruding parts to snag on clothing or gear.

3. Rail adapter (and weapon light)
A rail adapter, which mounts under your barrel, is easy to install, and requires no permanent modifications to your Glock, is only half of the upgrade.

Once you’ve equipped your G19 with a section of Picatinny rail, drop a WML (weapon-mounted light) on there. What you can’t see can kill you. It’s the perfect Glock upgrade for concealed carry and home defense.

4. A red dot sight
Why not upgrade your Glock with night sights or fiber optic sights? Well, for one, you’ve already taken our advice and upgraded your Glock with a rail adapter and a WML, so you don’t need them.

The other is that a red dot sight is parallax-free and does not require the shooter to line up iron sights (regardless of conditions) enabling faster, more accurate reflexive shots and follow-up shots.

Make It a Real Glock 19 Upgrade with a CAA MCK
If you’re looking to make the ultimate Glock 19 upgrade, just get a CAA MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) and drop your Glock in that.

It requires no permanent modifications and will immediately transform your Glock into a stocked platform that is more stable and can enhance handling and accuracy – in some cases, out to 200 yards.

Moreover, MCKs are configurable with a wide range of accessories including but not limited to slings, thumb rests, weapon lights, laser sights, glass breakers, backup front sights and rear sights, and so much more.

Where Can You Find These (and Other) Glock 19 Upgrade Parts?
Ready to make some of these Glock 19 upgrades? Visit MCS Gearup online at MCSGearup.com. They carry a wide range of high-quality parts, including those mentioned here in addition to Glock barrels, slides, and much more.

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