3 Great TwoSun Knives (and Where You Can Get Them)

TwoSun Knives may not have inspiring names (like Zero Tolerance knives, they are simply labeled by letters and numbers) but one thing is certain.

These knives are made with premium materials and super steels at a fraction of the price of high-end brands like ESEE, ZT, and Bradford Knives.

To prove that point, let’s take a look at a few top-selling TwoSun Knives.

TwoSun TS129

The TS129 merges quite a few factors together that make it a top seller.

For one, it boasts an M390 super-steel sheepsfoot blade that is optimal for hard use. A gentle sweet is engineered for cutting and the reinforced strength of the tip is unlikely to break, even if, dare we say it, it is abused.

Its thumb hole opener is also naturally ambidextrous and its action is smooth as silk, thanks to its KVT ball bearing mechanism.

The rest of the knife is just as tough, with carbon fiber and TC4 titanium scales.

It’s also sized perfectly for EDC, tipping the scales at only 4oz, and with a 3.3” blade (7.8” overall).

Just a bit on the larger size, but it won’t balk at tough cutting chores.

TwoSun TS223

On the more traditional end of the spectrum is the TS223, which has a boxier design, somewhat coffin-shaped, with a classic, graceful drop-point blade.

That’s no mark against it, as this definitely appeals to a wide range of users.

Like the previous mention, it features an incredibly tough, corrosion-resistant M390 super steel blade. It also features a flipper mechanism and similar smooth bearings, along with carbon fiber and titanium scales.

It’s a classic pocket knife in form and function, but with a premium steel at a not-so-premium price.

TwoSun TS162

Last we have the TS162, which is another one of the top-selling TwoSun Knives.

It’s 8.74” overall, with a 3.66” blade, and weighs 4.59oz, making it one of the bigger knives here, so it’s a good choice for EDC if you frequently need to do a lot of rough work.

Like the others, it features an M390 blade, this one a combination of leaf shape and a spear point, with a jimped thumb ramp that drops off to the spine.

In lieu of thumb studs or holes it has a flipper and rides the same KVT ball bearings already mentioned. Like the others, it is graced with TC4 titanium and carbon fiber scales which are both strong and light.

It also features a sturdy frame lock. If you want a popular TwoSun Knive and need some heft and uncommon durability, this is the one for you.

Interested in These (or Other) TwoSun Knives?

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