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Get Creative with Oil Based Clay

Everyone at some point in their lives enjoys the fun and joy that comes with doing arts and crafts. This popular hobby allows you to fully express yourself in the form of art. Art has a funny and interesting way of opening your mind and imagination for creating beautiful masterpieces […]

Why Everyone Needs a Mink Coat

By now, everyone should be aware of how luxurious fur coats are. They are incredibly culturally and fashionably significant and hold a lot of practical value, as well. Not only do fur coats look, feel, and are expensive, they also provide a lot of needed warmth in the cold winter […]

How To Choose the Right Makeup for Women of Color

There are many challenges that arise when you’re in the market for purchasing new makeup products. Despite the fast-growing makeup market, filled with insane marketing, makeup and beauty influencers, and the seemingly infinite amount of makeup products available in-store and online, there is still a disproportionate amount of quality products […]