Top Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol Upgrades

Got a Glock 19 airsoft pistol but want to make it better (and cooler)? Start with these upgrades that you can easily make yourself, at home.

1. Red Dot Sight 
This airsoft upgrade is one of the easiest you can make, but you need to know how to do it. Glock airsoft guns don’t have rails on the slide, so what you’ll need to do is remove the rail adapter from the bottom of the sight, get an adapter for the slide, and mount it on the GBB airsoft gun.

Why make this upgrade? Because, for one, it’s cool, and it also frees you from needing to line up your shots when shooting. Iron sight shooting is a practiced art that takes skill to develop; red dot shooting is reflexive and instinctive. You just point and shoot.

Plus red dot sights are free of parallax distortion and enable you to make very rapid, accurate follow-up shots.

2. WML
No specific brand recommendations here, but a weapon-mounted light (WML) can add both a lot of “cool factor” and a lot of functionality to your Glock 19 airsoft pistol.

For one, you can use the WML offensively and defensively, to startle opponents in matches. As a tool, a WML can also be removed from the GBB Glock pistol and used around camp as a utility light.

Also, a rail adapter isn’t needed here. Just get one designed for airsoft pistols that can attach to the front of your trigger guard.

3. Night Sights
This one’s a cool upgrade if you don’t remove your rear sight to install a red dot sight. If you prefer iron sights, upgrading your stock sights with night sights will make it easier to find your target in the dark, thereby improving accuracy and confidence.

4. Pro Arms Threaded Barrel
A threaded outer barrel replacement like the Pro Arms 14mm Threaded Barrel will be compatible with your Umarex G19 or G19X, and it will give you the ability to add a suppressor (if you’re interested in that) or a muzzle-mounted tracer unit.

5. Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrel
Now let’s talk about the inner barrel. A tight-bore barrel like the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet can improve accuracy, even though it will take your FPS down just a little bit.
It’s also made from corrosion-resistant brass alloy, is very affordable, and offers another trick to boost accuracy: it creates a cushion of air around the BB before it leaves the barrel, improving accuracy (perfect for 6mm airsoft BBs).

6. 50 Degree Hop-Up Rubber (Maple Leaf Makes a Good One)
Removing your hop-up rubber can increase your accuracy by imparting a more consistent backspin to the BB. Also, getting a softer bucking with an appropriate angle is vital to accuracy and longevity.

Generally speaking, a lower angle is better for lower FPS ratings, which means softer is better for gas blowback pistols. Maple Leaf’s Autobot buckings are long-lasting, consistent, and have a lot of surface area for superior contract with the BB.

7. Thread Tape DIY Upgrade 
Finally, here’s a nice Glock 19 airsoft pistol upgrade that you can make with some plumber’s thread tape. This you will not get at an airsoft store but at basically any hardware store.

This is the stuff plumbers use to create a watertight seal on the threads of pipes before making connections. In your case, we recommend wrapping the inner barrel and the hop-up rubber where they come together. This will help create a more gas-tight seal which will improve the efficiency and power of your GBB pistol.

This mod will help you get back some of the muzzle velocity you lost if you made the upgrade to a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner Barrel. That way, you can enjoy greater FPS and greater velocity.

Where Can You Get Most of These Upgrades for Your Glock 19 Airsoft Pistol?
Check out MiR Tactical online at for all your airsoft needs. Not only do they carry fully-licensed Glock 19 airsoft pistols and other Glock airsoft pistols and airsoft replicas, but they also carry most of the airsoft parts and accessories mentioned here. You’ll need to visit a hardware store for the thread tape, though.

Also, they offer a low price guarantee and free shipping on orders $75 and up. Visit their website today and contact them at 800-581-6620 if you have any questions.

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