4 First Date Ideas and How to “Dress” to Impress

The first date with someone you have met either on a dating app, briefly in person, or even haven’t met at all previously can be an exciting experience! Alongside that excitement, however, there is also a sense of anxiety and stress.

One way of alleviating that stress is by wearing an outfit that is simultaneously comfortable, gorgeous, and complimentary to your body. Because, when you feel comfortable and know you look good, you are confident– and, as we all know, confidence is sexy!

For those wondering, “How should I dress for date night?” you have landed in the right place because we are here to help. We have come up with four first date ideas and the best dresses to wear for them so you can really “dress” to impress!

1.   Formal Dinner Date: Satin Midi Dress

Wearing anything that is made of satin is never a bad idea because it is a soft, comfortable, and perfectly curve-hugging material. When you are on a more formal dinner date, we highly recommend using a satin midi dress as your partner in crime!

This satin midi dress from shopUNIQUES.com in particular walks the perfect line between elegant and sexy. With its classic sweetheart neckline, brilliant sheen, and sexy side slit, you’ll be able to leave your first date knowing you made an everlasting impression!

2.   Casual Happy Hour Drinks: Red Rose Ruffle Mini Dress

If you are headed out for a few casual happy hour drinks with your date, you should opt for a dress that is more casual yet still flirty. We recommend a red rose ruffle mini dress like this one.

This dress affords your look a high turtle neckline with puffy shoulders and a belted waist– all superb eye-catching elements in a casual dress. Yet, it remains sexy, too, because it’s mini in length (great for showing off those legs!) and ruffled at the very bottom (for a fine feminine touch).

The ruffle mini dress will comfortably fit nearly any body type, accentuating your every curve in all the right ways while sustaining that desirable casual look!

3.   Picnic in the Park: Boho Floral Maxi Dress

If it is a lovely Sunday afternoon and you both are headed to the park to have a peaceful picnic together, you’ll need something that allows you to sit on the picnic blanket comfortably while still looking great. That’s where a boho floral maxi dress like this one can come in handy.

The combination of the zen-like boho style and a floral pattern perfectly encapsulated in a maxi dress allows you to be comfortable (when standing or sitting) and dressed appropriately for the occasion. But, you’ll still look sexy, as it has a V-neckline and a flirty side slit. Don’t forget to have a cute picnic basket in hand!

4.   Dancing: Side Tassel Maxi Dress

Have you and your date decided to go out dancing? In that case, you should arrive in a dress that is comfortable and dance-friendly– but also makes the entire dance floor stop and stare! That’s precisely what a side tassel maxi dress can provide you. It’s a sexy sleeveless, backless, and V-neck dress with a high leg slit topped with tassels.

This dress will so perfectly move with you, keep you cool, hug your every curve, and help you to sashay the night away!

Now that you have a better understanding of how to best dress for the first date, you can find your next go-to dress for date night over at shopUNIQUES.com! They have a large selection of stunning date night dresses and other clothing items for all occasions. Browse through their trendy clothing shop today or give them a call at 1-833-255-4550!

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