Look No Further for AK-47 Parts

There may be no more iconic, fully-automatic platform than the infamous AK-47. The reliability of its action, even under the influence of sand, mud and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, has given it amazing staying power. It is the rifle that shoots when other rifles fail. It has an […]

5 Traits to Look for in LED Off Road Lights

You’ve probably heard some of the general virtues of LED lights, that more of less all of them have in common. They have really long lifespans, they’re remarkably reliable even in adverse conditions and extreme temperatures, and they’re not as temperamental when being handled. There’s also the little fact that […]

The Significance of Wearing Church Vestments

If you’ve ever been to a church service, it’s custom that the pastor, priests, or other clergy officials wear proper garments while preaching to the congregation. Often, you will see members of the clergy wearing garments called vestments. Vestments are liturgical garments associated primarily with Christianity and its subsets. The […]