On the Lesser Known Benefits of LED Bulbs

Everyone knows that LED lighting is energy efficient and long-lasting. For most businesses and facilities managers, these are far and away the biggest selling points of light-emitting diodes.

But what about the other benefits of refreshing a facility with Light Efficient Design or Euri Lighting LED bulbs? They extend far beyond energy efficiency and longevity. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Beyond Energy Efficiency and Longevity: The Extras
One of the lesser-known benefits of LEDs is their environmental friendliness. LEDs are composed of non-toxic materials and are free of dangerous substances like mercury or lead. Many LEDs are made with recyclable components as well. This makes them a much more sustainable option than traditional lighting options like incandescent, fluorescent, or high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. Paired with the fact that LED bulbs are energy efficient, this means that using LED lighting can significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. This environmental friendliness can also reduce disposal costs because LEDs contain no hazardous waste.

LEDs are also incredibly durable and can last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting sources. This makes them an incredibly cost-effective option, as you won’t have to replace your lighting as often. LEDs also generate very little heat, so they won’t cause your energy bills to skyrocket. This makes them a great choice for areas like warehouses and commercial kitchens, where you want to avoid heat buildup.

On the note of durability, many LEDs are SSLs, or solid-state lights, that are encapsulated in epoxy resin or which are made of a plastic “bulb.” This makes them highly shatter resistant as well, unlike many other glass lights which can easily break when dropped or when subjected to sharp shifts in temperature.

Another great benefit of LEDs is their versatility. LEDs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, color temperatures, and color-rendering indices, so you can find the perfect LED for any application. They also come in a wide range of colors, so you can create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any commercial or industrial setting. Some LEDs can also be dimmed, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit the needs of the situation.

Finally, LEDs can be incredibly easy to install and maintain. Many LED lights and fixtures are plug-and-play, meaning you don’t need any special tools to install them. Some LEDs are true plug-and-play retrofits, which means that you may not even need to make changes to your existing fixtures to update the lighting. Most LEDs also come with the drivers necessary to operate them, so they don’t require any additional wiring or components, making them much easier to maintain than traditional lighting sources.

These benefits, paired with their longevity and energy efficiency, make LED lighting the future of technology and innovation.

Where Can You Get High-Quality LED Bulbs and Fixtures?
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