Improving the Public Restroom Experience

A 2022 study from has concluded that as many as 69% of the general public would rather wait several hours than use a public restroom. That’s a telling stat on people’s feelings if there ever was one.

If you’re in the line of commercial plumbing or responsible for administering public facilities, take the following tips to heart. They’ll help you improve the experience of using your (or your customers’) public bathrooms.

Go Touchless
Most patrons prefer to use touchless fixtures, such as electronic flushometers, faucets, soap, and paper towel dispensers. They make the bathroom feel more modern and more accommodating.

Of course, there are practical reasons to invest in touchless technology, too. These fixtures create restrooms with fewer touch points, cutting back on the growth and spread of pathogens, making restrooms easier to clean and maintain, and more sanitary overall.

Easy-to-Use Controls
Hard-to-use, difficult-to-activate sensors will frustrate your patrons when they enter your restrooms.

We recognize that many fixtures are equipped with low-flow and touch settings, but if users can’t figure out how they work, they either won’t enjoy the experience of using your facility or will avoid it altogether.

When redesigning your restrooms or installing new fixtures, pay attention to what the ultimate user experience will entail.

Paper Towels Over Air Dryers
Air dryers seem like an environmentally friendly solution for public restrooms. After all, they usually have no touchpoints and they result in zero paper waste.

But, unfortunately, air dryers throw out an avalanche of drawbacks. For one, most users hate air dryers. They’re unpleasant to use, take a long time, and worst of all, do a poor job of drying your hands off!

But there are practical reasons for choosing paper towel dispensers over air dryers, too. Remember, maintaining a restroom that is enjoyable to use and counteracts the spread of pathogens is just as important as environmental consciousness.

The whole point of handwashing is to neutralize or remove pathogens from the surface of your hands. While washing with soap and water is part of that, so is properly drying your hands. Leaving that water on your hands is counterproductive, which is exactly what air dryers do.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact, opt for paper towels that are made from recycled fibers instead of virgin materials.

Keep It Clean
More than anything, public perception of a public restroom is going to be affected by how it looks and smells.

Even with new, touchless fixtures, a wet, dirty public restroom that smells bad is going to leave an unpleasant mark on the memory of all who use it.

Take great pains to keep your public restrooms clean, dry, and free of dirt, soil, and stains. Repair broken fixtures as soon as possible, and use air fresheners to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Another tip is to use automated air fresheners that are either time or traffic metered which will keep your restrooms smelling fresh even when there is no attendant nearby.

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