Decorating with Christmas Tree Picks

Have you ever decorated with Christmas tree picks before? If not, you should change that. These are some of the most versatile Christmas decorations out there and can be used to reflect the colors and motifs of your theme as well as to fill in the empty spots on a tree.

Here are some helpful tips for decorating with Christmas tree picks. Put them into practice next season.

Align with Your Theme
The first step towards making a show-stopping display with your Christmas decorations is to ensure that they all, somehow, align with each other with respect to your overall theme.

The easiest way to do this is to choose picks that reflect the colors in your Christmas tree and other decorations. For instance, pair red and green, blue and yellow, and metallics to make a nice setting.

Another thing you can keep in mind are the other visual aesthetics and motifs. Aligning these will create a better sense of balance, too.

Fluff Them Out
Christmas tree picks, like Christmas trees themselves, must be fluffed out in order to look their best.

Fluff out the branches and the ends of the picks before placing them. They will look both fuller and brighter.

Create Clusters
Something to keep in mind with Christmas tree picks is that you can create clusters to create brighter, more colorful, more eye-catching arrangements.

Get two or three picks together and use a little bit of floral wire to wind the stems together, then fluff out the picks and place as needed.

One trick here is to stagger the heights of the picks to create extra motion and appeal.

Place Properly
One of the great uses for Christmas tree picks is to add dimension to your tree. One of the most practical and effective ways to do so is to place them wisely.

Once you’ve fluffed out your tree, take a step back and look at it. Are there any areas where there are “dark spots” or “holes?”

Place your picks in these spots. This will help fill your tree out, and when you select picks that work well with your theme, you’ll be able to create repeated patterns, too.

Alternatively, you can wait until you’ve decorated your tree with ornaments and then use the picks to fill in the holes.

Use Them As Tree Toppers
One really creative use of Christmas tree picks is to make tree toppers out of them. This is a great way to make a themed topper that aligns with the rest of your decorations, rather than a pre-made one.

Get 5 to 7 picks together that work with your theme, and wrap the stems together in the manner detailed above.

Once arranged, you slide the clustered stems together alongside the central pole of the Christmas tree and use the branches/tips of the tree to hold the topper in place.

Think Outside the Box
Lastly, remember that Christmas tree picks can be used in so many other ways – not just for decorating the tree.

Picks are natural mates for other Christmas greenery, like garlands and wreaths. You can use them as accents here as well.

You can even use them to make centerpieces. If you have a vase or a bowl, cluster together a few picks and drop them inside. Fairy lights are a good addition here, too, especially if the vessel is glass.

Explore a Wealth of Christmas Tree Picks and Other Decorations
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