Can a Cannabis Customer Satisfaction Survey Offer You Insights into the Market for Edibles?

Despite the widespread popularity of (and growing interest in) recreational cannabis use, and the growing support across the country for legalization, making metered, sound professional decisions is still critical to long-term success for many in the cannabis industry.

If you own a dispensary or are responsible for strategic planning, it is still important not to rush into decisions without carefully considering the implications.

For instance, you may be aware that edibles are popular, suspect that their popularity is growing, and believe that they represent a lucrative opportunity for investment.

But before you put hard-earned financial resources into a plan for developing and selling cannabis edibles, it may be worth your time to proceed with insights gathered from a professional cannabis customer satisfaction survey like ISA Group’s CANNApinion Poll.

Among What Age Groups Is Interest Highest for Edibles?
For the purposes of targeting segments of your intended audience, it’s important to know where interest is the highest. One of the easiest ways to segment the market is by age.

Interest in edibles appears to be highest among millennials. For instance, 83% of millennials reported that they’d consider substituting a dessert with a cannabis-infused edible.

Interest is also high amongst Gen Z and Gen X, respectively. 72% and 68% of each reported the same.

What Sorts of Things Are Customers Concerned About?
It’s also important to note that while edibles are experiencing growth in popularity, there are several other important factors to weigh before proceeding with a strategic investment or developing new edibles.

For instance, sweets are very popular among consumers of cannabis edibles. The highest interest amongst consumers is in chocolate (66% preference), and berry and citrus flavors, at 57% and 51%, respectively.

Don’t let that turn you off of other opportunities, though. Similar survey results indicated that consumers have a growing interest in cannabis-infused beverages and other edibles such as chips and pizza. For instance, 25% of millennial respondents indicated that they would be interested in cannabis-infused pizza.

It’s also important to be aware of other important consumer preferences. As an illustration, respondents indicated that 68% of them have a preferred dispensary and that when evaluating a new dispensary, 63% claimed that knowledgeable budtenders influence their perception of the dispensary.

Is There an Opportunity to Open a Sort of “Bar” or Cannabis Lounge?
As the cannabis industry continues to experience growth in legal recreational adult use, new opportunities emerge for consumption that had previously not been options.

One of these is the concept of a cannabis lounge, at which adult-use cannabis consumers would be permitted to partake of edibles and other legal cannabis products on-location.

Also, according to ISA Group’s CANNApinion Poll market research survey, 81% percent of respondents indicated an interest in vising a cannabis bar or lounge – a substantial majority.

How About Delivery Services?
Now let’s take a look at recreational users and purchasing habits. Many online businesses are now trending toward models that offer delivery services – some of them even free.

The market for legal cannabis may soon be trending in that direction as well.

Key statistics for you to consider if you’re weighing the possibility of offering delivery services:

● 35% of respondents already regularly use delivery services.

● 30% reported that they do not use one only because it is not available in their area.

● Delivery time and price of delivery were both reported as critical factors in deciding whether or not to patronize a cannabis delivery service.

● 62% of respondents prefer the delivery driver to be wearing a branded uniform and 59% would also prefer the vehicle itself to be branded.

This and More for ISA Group’s CANNApinion Poll
Thinking about conducting a cannabis customer satisfaction survey before proceeding with key strategic decisions to invest in (or abstain from investing in) edibles?

Make it easy on yourself and work with ISA Group to gather insight from their CANNApinion Poll, a bi-monthly survey of 1,000 cannabis consumers.

The insights gathered from surveys like these can help you make important decisions about consumer preferences as well as trends and shifts in the market.

Visit their website,, or get in touch with them directly at [email protected] for more details.

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