Auger Attachments for Skid Steers: Maintenance 101

Spartan Equipment’s Auger Attachments for Skid Steers Never Surrender in the face of hard work or adversity, but responsible operation and routine maintenance are the keys to longevity, regardless of how tough the tools are.

If you have a Spartan Equipment Auger Attachment or bits, here are some of the best tips we can offer you, short of detailed instructions from operators’ manuals, which, by the way, are available on their website. Visit for Operators and Parts Manuals, such. as for the X900 High Speed and X1500 High Torque Auger Drives.

Inspect Before Use
Always inspect auger attachments for skid steers before use. Inspect the auger bit itself for damage, wear, or broken welds. Always inspect all fasteners to make sure they are secure as well. Ensure all dust caps, plugs, or other fittings on quick-connect features are covered to protect them from debris.

Before operation, always check all hydraulic components for signs of wear, tear or leaks. Replace damaged or worn parts immediately, as operating damaged hydraulic equipment can cause serious personal injury or worse.

Check (and Change) Planetary Gear and Hydraulic Oil as Necessary
After use, and with the attachment lowered and the key removed from the skid steer, check the planetary gear and hydraulic oil. Never inspect the system while it is in operation or under pressure.

A hydraulic motor’s lifespan in particular is dependent on the level and quality of hydraulic oil. See and consult the Operator’s Manual for your specific model for detailed instructions.

Keep Them Clean
A clean auger bit (and attachment) will last longer than one that is left to soak in corrosive dirt, sand, and salt.

After use, rinse off both the bit and the auger attachment, dislodging any dirt, clay, or rocks that adhere to it. That will protect the bit and attachment from long-term corrosion and damage.

Also, be sure to keep all safety labeling and decals clear.

Store Them Out of the Elements
While sometimes the nature of a job requires you to keep the skid steer in the elements for prolonged periods of time, if you have access to a barn or warehouse, remove the machine from the elements, especially for long-term storage.

Before storage, be sure that the motor and hoses contain clean oil and that the planetary drive is full. After cleaning (see above) grease the skid steer auger’s shaft, collar, and all connecting pins to provide lubrication and shield against corrosion. Tighten any loose fittings, and store in a cool, dry, preferably dark location.

Need New Auger Bits or Auger Attachments for Skid Steers?
Need to replace a skid steer auger bit or outfit your machine with a heavy-duty auger attachment for a skid steer?

Visit Spartan Equipment at Their equipment Never Surrenders and their auger attachments are among the most reliable and hardest-working in the industry.

Take a look through their online inventory and get in touch with them at 1-888-888-1085 if you have questions about compatibility, operation or maintenance.

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