6 Great Ways to Decorate Your Whitewash Coffee Table

When you are decorating your living room, every element of this space requires careful attention. Not only when you purchase the larger more functional furnishings but the decorative pieces you place on them that bring them to life.

One example of this is a whitewash coffee table. This type of coffee table is sleek, versatile (it can be used in a variety of interior design styles), innocuous, and overall aesthetically pleasing. It provides your living room with an alluring focal point, drawing both residents and visitors to rest, relax, and pass the time away.

While a whitewash coffee table is an excellent choice to add to nearly any living or sitting room, you can even further its already enticing look with extra decorative elements! Here are just six decorative pieces you should consider adding to your coffee table, especially if it has a whitewash finish.

1. Add Candles
Candles are not only superb items for improving the aroma of your area and deodorizing it when they’re lit but they also make for beautiful decorations. Candles can be subtle yet stunning accents to any tabletop they’re placed on– and right from the wrapper. One sublime example of such is the perfume candles over at Eloquence!

2. Place a Decorative Tray with Coasters and Other Quaint Items
Decorative trays have recently exploded in popularity, appearing nearly everywhere in interior design. This is because trays offer a clean look while conveniently holding other items, exuding perfect organization. While you can add any quaint items you want to your tray (potpourri, knickknacks, etc.), we cannot recommend coasters enough.

Because coffee tables tend to gain stubborn rings from condensation, it’s better to make coasters easily accessible to guests and yourself. You can both protect your coffee table and improve the overall appearance of it, so be sure to place these in your decorative tray!

3. Flowers
It is common knowledge that flowers are exceptional interior design features. They instantly spruce up the look of any room and add a light scent that is enamoring to all. Why not add your favorite flowers to your coffee table? Since this type of coffee table is white, however, it would bode exceptionally well if you opt for more vibrant flowers to offset the muted tone.

Make sure when you do place flowers on your coffee table, though, that its water and soil won’t leak out and potentially ruin the finish!

4. Succulents
While flowers are unequivocally beautiful and color-popping accents, green plants deserve a place here, as well! However, you should try for smaller green plants, as too-large plants can distract from the look of your coffee table.

That’s why we recommend succulents. These small prickly plants are easy to love, admire, and even maintain (they don’t require much water!).

5. Books
Books have long been used as both literary materials and decorative pieces. While you can always display your books on a bookcase or shelf, why not change up the narrative and put them on your coffee table? They will provide a heart-warming look for your coffee table, whether you choose to place them on the tabletop or on the bottom shelf.

6. Vibrant Glass Vases (and in Different Sizes)
Remember what we mentioned about offsetting the muted tone of the coffee table’s finish? You can efficiently do that with vibrant glass vases as well! We recommend using at least two of varying sizes to allow them to unobtrusively amplify your table’s appearance.

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