Why You Should Be Using SkinMedica Sunscreen Every Day

When we hear the term “sunscreen,” many of us instantly conceive a similar image in our minds. We tend to envision families on the beach under the blistering sun, globbing on white lotion– and more often than not leaving behind noticeable traces of said sunscreen. And that’s that.

However, sunblock isn’t just a necessary part of your beach experience; it should be used every single day– even on cloudy days in the city during winter!

Exposure to the sun’s rays without protection could lead to a slew of issues for your skin and overall health. And yes, that includes even wandering around outdoors for a few minutes each day. That is why using a facial sunscreen is so integral to your skincare routine every morning.

But you shouldn’t simply slap on any sunscreen, spray, or lotion you find lying around. You should only opt for the highest quality of options in order to best protect your skin while nourishing it, too! And that is done by using SkinMedica sunscreen lotion without a shred of a doubt.

Benefits of Using a Daily Facial Sunscreen
Before we dive into the specific advantages of using the daily sunscreen from SkinMedica, we should first briefly gloss over why using such a product every day is so important. We know– it’s an added step into your skincare routine, demanding an added 30 seconds of your time, which can be irksome.

But, believe us when we say these 30 seconds are worth it. Here’s what applying a daily facial sunscreen (specifically a broad spectrum one) can provide you:

● Protection from UVA and UVB rays (remember: these rays can lead to various skin issues, from increased wrinkles and dry skin to skin cancer)
● Decreases your chances of skin cancer by 50%!
● Reduced signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, and so on)
● Decreased appearance of sunspots
● Protection from dreaded and painful sunburn

Why Choose SkinMedica Daily Sunscreen
We know what you’re thinking: why can’t you just go out and purchase then use any bottle of sunblock you see at your local pharmacy or corner store? Because your skin is your largest organ and deserves carefully crafted products to be its absolute best– and that certainly includes your sunscreen.

When you choose SkinMedica sunscreen, you are putting your best face forward! Here’s why:

Broad-Spectrum 30+ SPF
In the previous section, we very lightly touched on the topic of “broad spectrum” suntan lotion. This is the most ideal option because it protects your skin from not only UVB rays but also UVA rays. Both are damaging to your skin, so choosing this type of sunblock is the most ideal for all-around protection.

SPF 30+ is also a superb feature because that means it protects your skin from 97.6% of UVB rays (no product can protect you from 100% of these rays) and is the minimum recommended amount for SPF.

Caffeine + Green Tea Extract = Free Radical Protection and More
Caffeine is an antioxidant that keeps your skin significantly safe from free radical damage and, in turn, keeps your skin looking younger for longer. Green tea extract is superb, too, as it moisturizes your skin, fights acne, and reduces puffiness in your face.

So, this is not just a regular sunblock– this is a skincare product that your skin will love in more ways than being safe from the sun!

Great for All Skin Types
Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, or combination, this sunscreen will treat you right. It’s non-comedogenic and carefully formulated to bring you all the benefits you need without any of the downfalls.

Where to Pick Up Your Own SkinMedica Daily Sunscreen
Looking for your very own SkinMedica daily sunscreen? Then head on over to Beauty Sense. They carry an impressive array of skincare products, including this sunscreen from Skinmedica. Check out their SkinMedica sunscreen today– along with Beauty Sense’s many other products– to give your skin the TLC it rightfully deserves!

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